Early Mapping

My early maps were generated with crayons, colored pencils and an etch-a-sketch. At that point in my career my
specialty was imaginary islands and my only client was me.

More Recent Cartographic Bio

Before embarking on a solo career in cartography there were a number of stepping-stones:

- obtained a masters degree in cartography in 1980 (from Queen's University in Ontario)

- earned map design awards from the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping ("Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in Cartographic Design" in the 1978 map design competition) and The Canadian Cartographic Association ( "President's Prize" in the 1979 map design competition)

- directed the production of an atlas (Atlas of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury) , 1979-80

- taught cartography and related courses at Brandon University (in Manitoba) from 1980­83

Since 1983, when I took the solo plunge, I have produced maps (and other graphics) for numerous presses,
government agencies and authors, including well over 1000 books.

Bill (hard at work)

For inquiries, estimates or comments contact Bill Nelson at billnelsonmaps@verizon.net


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